TIDE M40 – New from 2022/23:

Low-barrier and energy-efficient

A 40-foot yacht for the easy transition from sailing yacht to motor yacht

The TIDE M40 will be our first almost barrier-free motor yacht. You can now look forward to this unique yacht currently being developed together by the team at MFH in conjunction with Marc-Oliver von Ahlen. It will offer a fit-out hitherto only offered by comfortable deck salon sailing yachts.

The TIDE M40 will be equipped with a single-level floor that connects the cockpit, pantry, steering position and salon, making it as close as possible to being an accessible motor yacht. The fold-out bathing platform provides virtually unimpeded access to the yacht. Wheelchair access can also optionally be provided. The yacht is designed for two people and two guests, with a spacious wet room and separate shower.

All the seats have comfortable, thick cushions with waterproof covers. It may sound minor, but it conveys improved comfort levels over normal sailing yachts. The rigid sun and rain protection above the cockpit is another pleasing addition, which can also be pushed forward to act as a blind.

The specially shaped Parametric Fast Hull (PFH) hull makes the boat extremely energy-efficient. Various drive concepts, including a fully electric drive, will be offered in the configurator.

Technical Data:

LÜA: 12,35 m inkl Bugspriet & Anker
LR: 11,99 m
LWL: 11,56 m
BÜA: 4,20 m inkl Scheuerleiste
BR: 4,10 m
T: 1,20 m
TR: 0,44 m
DH: 2,81 m min Mast geklappt
DH: 3,72 m Mast aufrecht
P: 2x 50 KW
Batt: 2x 40 KWh = 80 KWh
vmax: ca. 15 Kn
Depl: 9100 kg
mLC: noch unbekannt
mLDC: noch unbekannt
CE-Kategorie: B (küstenferne Fahrt)
Empfohlene Personenanzahl: 5

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