Weight-reduced components

Whatever steel can do, fibre composites can too. Okay, so it’s not that simple. But here too, Maritime Faserverbundtechnik Haring in Emden offers the ideal solutions for components that are otherwise often made of steel or aluminium.

However, the problem with this conventional method of production is the weight of the products. Particularly on ships, it increases their fuel consumption and reduces their payload, and thus the possibility of taking additional equipment on board. From both an economic and an environmental point of view, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce weight.

The MFT team recommends saving quite considerable weight with the following components:

  • Outer skin flaps, such as Replenishment at Sea Gates (RAS)
  • Mast covers
  • Jack staffs and flag staffs
  • Cabinets, flag cabinets etc.
  • Doors