Components for mega yachts

Remember the GARUDA? The 31-metre touring yacht, once owned by Franz Burda, was repaired by MFH in Emden after it had been severely damaged in a hurricane. The stately yacht soon headed off again perfectly after a thorough overhaul, thanks to MFH’s considerable expertise in composite fibres.

The shipyard staff also fondly remembers their initial hours working on the construction of the 17-metre-long sloop “Peter von Danzig”, which meets all the requirements of a fast and safe racing yacht.

Over time, Maritime Faserverbundtechnik Haring has been awarded more and more projects for components for mega yachts: they include upper-deck furniture, covers for appliances and components, as well as luxurious ceiling cladding and special railing lighting systems, such as we developed and fitted around 2010 for the mega motor yacht “Musashi”.