TIDE 34 sayling yacht

Classic, fast and safe.

Classic, fast and safe: The lightweight “Wattenyacht” design of yacht in the style of a 40-sqm dinghy cruiser and can also be towed on a trailer – ideal for shallow coastal and inland waters

The TIDE 34 can be described as a perfect mix of a dinghy cruiser and a keeled yacht. Designed by Marc-Oliver von Ahlen, it was built by the team at Maritime Faserverbundtechnik GmbH & Co. Its clear advantage: its 530 kg ballast weight lends the fast sailing yacht its high level of canting safety (CE-category C).

With a minimum draft of only 50 cm, this considerably increases the range within which the yacht can operate within a tidal interval until it next lays aground compared to boats with deeper drafts. The built-in engine of this modern yacht offers additional impressive safety reserves when sailing with the wind or against the current.

The TIDE 34’s kick-up rudder, proven for shallow waters, can be retracted and automatically folded up when the boat hits ground. The easy-to-operate rig has a self-turning foresail with integrated rail as standard. And there’s more good news: the TIDE 34 can be towed on a trailer, but is nonetheless rigid enough and safer than any dinghy cruiser.

It goes without saying that the team at MFH uses high-quality resins, multi-axial lattices and vacuum-glued hard foams in the construction of this yacht. This is the only way to achieve the above-average strength combined with light weight for which we are known and asked for in innovative yacht construction.

Traditional look, modern comfort
The classic long-drawn structure with a distinctive dish-shaped hull creates a maximum headroom of almost 1.87 m. It is available with either elliptical bullseyes or modern window line. Under deck, the TIDE 34 provides pleasing modern comfort with three to five berths, a WC, seated shower and pantry. We would be happy to tailor the interior to your requirements.

Our sailing experience is revealed by ingenious details: comfortable seating on the “high edge”, when operating the sheets, with the removable traveller, the long cockpit thwarts and much more. As experts in fibre composites, here at Maritime Faserverbundtechnik GmbH & Co. KG we rely on quality, sophisticated engineering, and the durability of the boats and yachts in our TIDE range.

Technical data

Lüa = 10,30 m
LR =   9,80 m
LWI =  9,17 mBR          =  3,00 m
T  =  0,50m – 1,99m
G =  2,8 t
Ba = 530 kg
AS = 42,3 qm (S-Fock)
AS = 44,8 qm (Fock)