Attractive and nostalgic.

Attractive and nostalgic: the “Opti-sized” lightweight boat with a footprint reminiscent of early American tenders

Admittedly, the TIDE 8 comes across rather like a toy, but has very practical advantages: it is ideal for when you want to go on-shore – for shopping or dinner. Featuring a standard Opti-rig, the TIDE 8 is also perfect for young learner sailors, turning children into enthusiastic fans of sailing.

Would you like to use the TIDE 8 as a rowing boat? That works too. And because our team at MFH thinks of everything, you can also fit a small outboard motor in a matter of minutes. Of course, we can also supply this as an electric motor, if required.

As the TIDE 8 is a veritable lightweight, it can be carried by one person alone. However, we recommend that two adults carry its stately length of some 2.30 metres. The yacht will take up minimal space on the upper deck of your yacht and can also be carried perfectly on the roof rack of your car.